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About Mitake

“Mitakesan” and “Mitake Gorge” are famous spots in the Mitake area in Tokyo, allowing you to be immersed in nature. In the area you can go trekking, hiking and enjoy other mountain sports. Canoeing, rafting and river sports can also be experienced, and many visitors like spending their leisurely time surrounded by nature.

About Mitake


“Mitakesan” is known as a being a spiritual mountain in Tokyo where you can experience “Takigyo”. It is a purification ceremony done by standing under a waterfall and facing against nature, eventually becoming one with it. Also at the foot of the Mitake Gorge, you can glide along the beautiful streams in a canoe or raft. Touring the sake brewery and taking part in Japanese sake tasting is popular among foreign visitors.


The Mitake area is the entrance to Chichibu-Tama-Kai National Park, one of the few areas in Tokyo abundant with nature. With Mitakesan in the center, it is surrounded by other mountains and you are able to see the Tamagawa river splash against the large boulders, making it a popular spot for guests from other countries to visit.


On the summit of Mitakesan, there is the Buddhist temple “Musashimitake Shrine” and in Mitake Gorge you can go to “Kikizakedokoro”, a shop famous for its Japanese sake. You may also find out about beautiful kushi and kanzashi - ornaments that adorn women’s hair and are part of traditional Japanese culture.


Around the Mitakesan area, there are restaurants that can give you a taste of the food they serve in the priest’s quarters and meals using local ingredients, giving you the opportunity to experience ancient Japan. You may enjoy your meal while being enveloped in the scenery of nature and its four seasons.

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